Montebello Islands

Be prepared to be wowed by this spectacular part of the world. Get a group of friends together and take advantage of this amazing backdrop, while you try your hand at fishing for an array of fish, while bill fishing, reef and sports fishing or popper fishing for a GT or Mackerel.

Coral Trout Long Nose Emperor Red Emperor Rankin Cod

One for the bucketlist

Charter Rates 6 Day Live Aboard Charter. $2950 pp (inc GST). Exclusive boat booking price available on application
The Catch Coral Trout, Rankin Cod, Long Nose Emperor, Estuary Cod and Red Emperor and more
When August to Mid-November

Be prepared to be wowed by this spectacular part of the world. Get a group of friends together and take advantage of this amazing backdrop, while you try your hand at fishing for an array of fish, while bill fishing, reef and sports fishing or popper fishing for a GT or Mackerel.

By night, you can take in the peace and serenity as we anchor in the sheltered waters of the Montes. By day, let us take you to some spectacular fishing grounds and have your arms stretched by the vast array of species that inhabit this “World Class” fishery.

Montebello Islands Fishing Charters

The islands were the site of three nuclear weapons tests by the British military in the 1950’s – Operation Hurricane, making exploring the islands a definite option on this trip.

The Montes is a jigging paradise with large populations of fish eager to swoop on a jig. There’s no greater feeling than drifting over some fish rich water, jigging away like crazy, then feeling that solid hook-up. In a lot of cases when the fishing is quiet, a nicely presented jig can make all the difference in encouraging a fish to switch into attack mode. Coral Trout, Rankin Cod, Long Nose Emperor, Estuary Cod and Red Emperor are just a few of the species that can be targeted using jigs and soft plastics at the Montes.

We love trolling for gamefish and the Montes boast some world class pelagic action. Monster Spanish Mackerel frequent these waters and love a lure trolled around the 7-8 knot mark.

Don’t forget your lures to ensure you get into the mix of the thrill of hooking up a Sailfish or Marlin, which inhabit these rich blue waters with by-catches such as Spanish Mackerel, Wahoo, Dolphin Fish and Tuna.

There’s just as much fun to be had in the water for those who enjoy a spearfish or a snorkel. Or tender can be used to explore the shallows nearer the islands, there may even be a mud crab or two lurking about.

This incredible natural aquarium will not disappoint!

You can join a group or fill the boat with your own group and have it to yourselves for the week, we can accommodate you, either way.

We are surveyed to accommodate up to 15 guests and we find groups up to 12 guests work well, however we have the capacity for more.

If you haven’t booked the boat exclusively with your own group, keep in mind there may be times some may want to try different fishing experiences and water bound activities. The skipper will always put it up for discussion and endeavour to mix it up to fulfil your requests throughout the trip.

Your catch will be filleted and snap frozen fresh at the end of each day and shared evenly in individually allocated catch crates. We are more than happy to keep fish whole upon request and if there is a special catch you’ve landed and want to keep exclusively, we can accommodate this also.

This fishing trip commences on Saturday and finishes up, back in port on the following Thursday. For your convenience we provide free accommodation on board, for the Thursday night, back in port. Your evening meal, however is your own responsibility.

At the end of the trip we will seal up your catch in a complimentary foam esky, for convenient transport with you, back home. You will also receive a complementary thumb drive with all your holiday snaps.

The legal bag limit of fillets per person set by the Department of Fisheries, for this region is 20kgs. This means you have the opportunity of catching and taking home an amount up to the legal limit. It would be silly of us to guarantee the limit but we will promise to put you on the spots and the rest is up to you.

How to get there

From Perth to Exmouth, it’s a 2 ½ hour flight to Learmonth Airport or the drive is just short of 1300km (13hrs).

Qantas is the only carrier to Exmouth and we will arrange airport transfers in Exmouth only for arriving flight on Saturday, QF1642 at 2.05pm and departing flight on Friday, QF1641 at 11.30am.

Any flights outside of these, transfers are your own responsibility.

Pack light and don’t forget to book your extra luggage allowance for your fish on the way home.

Should you decided to drive, secured parking can also be arranged upon request. Alternatively, there is ample parking a short walk from where the vessel is berthed. The Exmouth Marina is situated on Madaffari Drive.

There are also bus services from Perth to Exmouth.


As we are dealing with mother nature and or catering for specific requests of the group/s, sometimes our itineraries/destinations and timings change, slightly. We do, however, endeavour to stick as close as possible to the intended trip.

Saturday Afternoon – the vessel will be ready to board from 1pm onwards. Please keep in mind, the crew run a tight schedule and due to short turnarounds and operational requirements, we ask that you respect the 1pm boarding time and no earlier.

Saturday afternoon – once all guests are on board, depart Exmouth Marina for either Thevenard, Boodie or Barrow Island

Sunday – troll while on transit. Fish from the south of Barrow Is up through to the north of the Island and finish up at Crocus channel

Monday – fish and explore the waters west of Monday fish either western side of the Montes, possibly go to deeper waters. Travel the inside to the Montes to “ground zero” bomb site and explore the islands. Mud crabbing up for grabs and fishing the eastern side in the afternoon

Monday – fish and explore the waters on the western side to the Montes – possibly head to deeper water. Steam up the inside of the Montes to “ground zero” bomb site and visit the island (optional). Mud crabbing also up for grabs and then fish eastern side

Tuesday – fish and explore the waters on the northern side of the Montes, troll around Tryal Rocks making our way down the western side of the Montes

Wednesday – fish and explore the waters along the western side of Barrow Island making way south until after lunch. Troll south and head for Long/Serrurier Island for the evening

Thursday – either fish or have a snorkel and a troll near Long/Serrurier, Flat and Peak Islands. Them steam back to Exmouth port, eta will vary depending on weather and activities on the day

Friday – your time with us has come to an end, however tea and coffee will be on offer first thing in the morning. The crew will have your catch frozen and packed in foam eskies for easy transportation back home. We ask you are packed and ready to go by no later than 8.00am.

Embarking and Disembarking Times

The vessel will be ready to embark from 1pmThe crew run a tight schedule and due to short turnarounds and operational requirements, we ask that you respect the embarking time (no earlier unless special arrangements have been made and approved).

On Friday morning we ask that you are packed and ready to disembark by 8.00am.

The crew will drop you off in town for breakfast and for those flying back home, you will be picked up at 9.30am for transfer to the airport.

Transfers to and from the Airport

We will arrange airport transfers in Exmouth only for the arriving flight on Saturday, QF1642 at 2.05pm and the departing flight on Friday, QF1641 at 11.30am.

Any flights outside of these there is a bus shuttle service available in Exmouth for a fee.

Fishing Equipment on Board

All the equipment on board is for your convenience to use, you are, of course, more than welcome to bring your own. You’ll have to bring your own spearfishing and free diving gear. (lures, jigs, bibs and plastics not supplied)

  • Shimano Saragosa 10000 reels
  • Shimano TAG EM 15kg rods
  • 50lb Ocea braid
  • Alvey Master winches
  • Rigs are made up of 100lb mono, 2 dropper loops with 5/o hooks
  • 16 – 32oz snapper sinkers
  • Combination of squid, mullies and fresh fish bait
  • Outriggers
  • Two game rods
  • Sets of snorkelling gear

Suggestions for Artificials

  • 4 - 6oz jigheads
  • 5 - 6 inch soft plastics (white or bright yellow or pink)
  • 90 – 180g metal jigs
  • Shimano bottomship 90g pink fluro
  • Shimano lucanis squid / 120g squid pink

Have a chat to our local experts

Exmouth Tackle & Camping Supplies

Louise and Steve: or 08 9949 1179

Tackle World Exmouth   or 08 9949 1315

What to Expect to Catch

To name a few……

Coral Trout, Red, Spangled & Long nose Emperor, Rankin & Estuary Cod

Wahoo, Dolphin fish & Tuna

Giant Trevally, Groper & Spanish Mackerel

Sailfish, Marlin

Snorkelling – Tropical crayfish.

You will be fishing in depths ranging from shallows up to 110m


You will be well fed while you’re with us, that’s for sure. The meals are prepared fresh each day and consist of a selection of fish, meats, pasta, vegetables and salads.

If there are special treats or snacks that you’d like to bring along for the week, please feel free to do so. We understand it may be difficult going without your favourite chocolate or hot salami for the week.

Please let us know if you require special dietary requirements so we can cater appropriately for you. Once we’ve left port, it’s too late.

Medication & Medical Conditions:

Either at booking or once you get on board please let us know if you are on any special medication or a medical condition we should know about. We are there to assist you, if need be.

We have first aid equipment on board, including oxygen and a defibrillator.


All alcoholic beverages and mixers/soft drinks are your own responsibility. We have a desalination plant on board for fresh water and some bottled water for those whom prefer but it wouldn’t hurt to throw in some water in your drinks order.

There are several liquor outlets in Exmouth where you can pre order your drinks for your trip and delivery can be arranged prior to your arrival.

Please ask us about contacts for suppliers.

Suggestions of What to Pack

  • Fishing Clothes (something warm, perhaps waterproof windbreaker – depending which location and time of year you have booked)
  • One set of casual clothes to go out to dinner (runners and/or thongs)
  • Sleeping bag or blanket
  • Boardies/Bathers/Sunglasses/Hat/Sunscreen
  • Personal Toiletries/Towel
  • Motion sickness medication
  • Camera/Go Pro
  • Music/books
  • Spearing fishing and free diving gear
  • Specific tackle i.e. lures for trolling, soft plastics, light gear etc.
  • Your own rods & reels if you prefer to bring your own
  • Nibbles -  treats/snacks you can’t go without for a week
  • Alcohol and softies

Keep in mind the airlines are strict on excess luggage so travel as light as possible. Excess luggage is your responsibility.

Vessel features & facilities

Well appointment and immaculately presented vessel for you and your guests to party on.
Awesome skipper and crew to assist you during your function.
Spacious unobstructed back deck complete with large awning for shelter and clears to protect you from the weather if need be.
Surround sound music system and Flat screen television (sound system with multi directional sound and quality speakers, compatible with CD, IPod, IPhone, MP3 and USB).
Party lights.
2 toilets with freshwater showers (one with wheelchair access).
Large fully equipped galley with electric hotplates, microwave, box freezers, large fridge and pie warmer upon request.
Extra-large BBQ hot plate.
Extra-large ice box
Easy access from the back deck to the Marlin board for swimming and water bound activities