Fishing Charters / Monte Bello Islands

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  • 6 Day Live Aboard Charter
  • The Catch

    Table Fish, Game Fish, Prize Fish


  • September to November
  • Approximately 65 kilometres west of Dampier and 10 miles North of Barrow Island lies the world renowned Monte Bello Islands. If you’re after a jaw dropping experience, then I suggest you put this destination on your bucket list

    By night, you can take in the peace and serenity as we anchor in the sheltered waters of the Montes. By day, let us take you to some spectacular fishing grounds and have your arms stretched by the vast array of species that inhabit this "World Class" fishery.

    Traditional techniques such as drifting with freshly baited paternoster rigs have always proven to be extremely effective. Bottom dwellers are easily enticed into a hook up with a nicely presented fresh bait. We encourage the use of circle hooks as the hook up rate is dramatically increased, with the key to allow the fish to hook itself rather than strike. The use of circle hooks also makes the release of undersize fish more effective, with the hook location in the corner of the mouth rather than deep in the gut.

    The Montes is a jigging paradise with large populations of fish eager to swoop on a jig. There's no greater feeling than drifting over some fish rich water, jigging away like crazy, then feeling that solid hookup. In a lot of cases when the fishing is quite, a nicely presented jig can make all the difference in encouraging a fish to switch into attack mode. Coral Trout, Rankin Cod, Long Nose Emperor, Estuary Cod and Red Emperor are just a few of the species that can be targeted using jigs and soft plastics at the Montes.

    If your new to jigging, we suggest you pop down to your local tackle store and ask for some advice about knife jigs and deep water soft plastics. With the huge array of tested and proven products on the market, it won't take long to start getting hooked to this exciting form of fishing.

    If you really need a good arm work out, then we suggest to pack a few dumbbell poppers to tackle some of the monster Trevally that frequent these waters. A nicely worked popper around the many rocky outcrops and reef around the islands is sure to grab the attention of trevally or two. Don't say we didn't warn you though when one of these hard fighting freight trains engulfs your lure and head to the horizon.....excitement plus!

    We love our gamefishing and the Montes boasts some world class pelagic action. Monster Spanish mackerel frequent these waters and love a lure trolled around the 7-8 knot mark. Why not mix it up a little and try using metal slices such as the Sea Iron range. A nicely weighted slice can be cast a mile and can be exhilarating as a lighting fast Mackerel blasts out of nowhere to pounce on the furiously retrieved lure.

    Sailfish and Marlin also inhabit the rich blue waters of the Montes. Running a nice spread of Richter Lures at around 8 knots is sure to get some interest from a billfish or two, with by-catch such as Spanish Mackerel, Wahoo, Dolphin Fish, and Tuna.

    A soft head lure such as the Richter "8 inch Soft Grassy" has proven over the years to be the most popular sailfish lure at the Montes. We suggest fishing 15 kilo to reduce the fight time and release the fish safely. It's a good problem when the sailfish can be over that 25 kilo mark which makes for some exciting angling. For Marlin we suggest fishing 24 kilo as there's a good chance if we encounter one it's going to be a cracker. It's not uncommon to raise marlin around the 200 kilo mark and larger, so you don't want to be unprepared!