Fishing Charters / Carnarvon & Shark Bay

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  • 5 Day Live Aboard Charter
  • The Catch

    Pink Snapper, Prize Fish


  • May to August
  • Situated approximately 30 nautical miles West of Carnarvon lies the Dorre, Bernier & Koks Island group. This spectacular region is a favourite destination for many an angler and is home to some of the best fishing in WA.

    Pink Snapper is a species that is on a lot of angler's minds as we leave the beautifully rugged coastline surrounding Carnarvon in our wake. These schooling fish are at times abundant in these crystal clear, fish rich waters. The thrill of feeling that solid thumping weight of a pink snapper is always a buzz for both new and experienced anglers.

    In recent times a lot of anglers have switched to using soft plastics for species such as Pink Snapper. A nicely presented soft plastic jigged through a snapper school is pretty well guaranteed of a hook up. The key is to target feeding snapper schools which are grazing in that bottom 2 metre range and work the soft plastic with a systematic lift, twitch and drop back down motion. If this isn't working a more aggressive technique such as winding and jigging the bottom 5 meters may persuade a Pink Snapper to strike relentlessly.

    Other species you may encounter include Coral Trout, Red Emperor, Estuary Cod, Trevally and Mulloway. There must be something in the water in Carnarvon as a lot of the species landed tend to be in the XL (Extra Large) category. This is a great problem to have I guess having your arms stretched with that fish of a lifetime. Seeing that distant colour emerging from the depths, followed by cheers of onlookers as a thumping fish pops up on the surface is always a buzz.

    As we cruise around the islands we have to remind ourselves we are in some of the best Spanish Mackerel waters along our coastline. Fish over the 40 kilo range lurk in these waters putting fear in any baitfish which comes within striking distance. Running lures at a steady 7 – 8 knots around bait schools and structure is sure to entice some action if Mackerel are in the area. Your traditional deep diving lures such as the Halco and Rapala range are always a popular choice. As for colour, that's up to the individual. I guess use a colour that you are confident with...if it's working don't change. If all else fails use a red head or metallic gold colour as they have been proven winners in the past. Another popular lure which work's extremely well is the Richter 7.5 inch Silver Tornado. The beauty with this jet head lure is that creates a monster bubble stream and holds well at higher speeds...a great lure to run between fishing locations. This lure gets the attention of pelagic species big time, so make sure your arms are nicely warmed up.

    Talking of pelagic fish, massive schools of tuna also inhabit this sensational area. Why not add a Richter 5 inch Junior Tornado to your collection of lures. These lures are deadly if they come within a sniff of any rampaging tuna. Tuna are 100% muscle power and will test the skills and patience of even the best anglers. After a blistering run to the horizon they tend to sound deep, with tell tale thumping headshakes in a circular motion. Short quick lifts of the rod, followed by an even quicker wind is the best technique to keep the tunas head turned, whilst slowly bringing it to the surface.

    As with all forms of fishing, there is always that surprise catch that will etch in your mind forever. Trying different techniques and strategies to get that prized catch can often lead to something spectacular. A trolled jet head lure intended for Spanish Mackerel could end up hooking a monster Marlin, a soft plastic intended for Snapper could hook a thumping Coral Trout. That's the beauty of fishing I guess, with the element of surprise being the ultimate lure. Come join us in paradise central.