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Fishing Charters / Abrolhos Islands

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  • April
  • Situated approximately 40 kilometers West of Geraldton, lies the amazing Abrohlos Islands. Made up of 122 islands, with 3 main groups, this area is a haven for aquatic life and the ultimate playground to fulfil your fishing dreams.

    Along with the typical species you would expect to encounter in southern waters, there is the unique opportunity to get amongst some of there Northern cousins. Not only could you encounter a thumping Dhufish or Snapper, you could even land that Red Emperor or Coral Trout you have been dreaming about.

    If you're as crazy about fishing as we are, then it's going to be hard to ignore the ridiculous amounts of bait and bird action that inhabit the area. Do you think you could witness Yellowfin Tuna, Spanish Mackerel, School Mackerel and Yellowtail Kings busting up on the surface without the urge to cast a lure straight through the middle...I don't think so! Regardless of whether you're the angler, or just watching the action unfold, the excitement and visual brilliance of fish hitting surface lures is breathtaking and will be etched in your mind ( or Go Pro ) forever

    A nice little 8-10 kilo spin stick with a good supply of 30lb braid, loaded with a metal slice braid is a perfect weapon to have ready if we encounter these feeding frenzies. Casting across the front of the predators is pretty well guaranteed to entice a hookup, with surface strikes and blistering runs sure to get the adrenalin pumping. You may be hard pressed though if you happen to hook the ultimate freight train itself, the yellowfin tuna, commonly caught in the 20 plus range.

    Not only are metal slices such as the Sea Iron Range a great option, but there is a vast array of "Stick Baits" available at Tackle Stores. Sometimes using this different technique of casting, allowing a sink time and working back can be the undoing on the otherwise fussy predators lurking below. The unique action is basically imitating a wounded baitfish and when done correctly, is a lethal, sneaky trick to add to your arsenal. Why not ask your local store about the range of stick baits on the market and bring out your new selection of toys. We love fishing as much as you and would love to be wowed with some spectacular catches!

    Talking of spectacular catches, the Abrolhos boasts some of the best reef fishing action you are likely to encounter. Large coral formations and reef ledges are spread throughout the region and are host to some thumping bottom dwelling fish species. Dhufish, Baldchin Groper, Pink Snapper, Spangled Emperor, Coral Trout and Red Emperor are just some of the main species we encounter regularly.

    As we drift along in the beautiful crystal clear water, you can drop down a nicely baited paternoster rig to entice an enquiry. Adding a small lumo squid in front of the baited hook is a handy little trick to use at the Abrolhos. The colour and motion of the enticer has proven time and time again to increase catch rates and often encourage other species to take more of an interest.

    If you're into your soft plastics then you're going to have a blast. Quality soft plastics such as the McArthy range are the popular choice amongst anglers at the moment and the results speak for themselves. In recent times, as anglers become more experienced using these great products, it isn't uncommon for artificial to out fish bait. Why? Fish are predators! A nicely worked jig in front of a reef fish is going to literally get attacked, as opposed to a baited hook which may cruise past without much interest at all.

    It's funny that I mention cruise, as this may be exactly what you have in mind as you travel with us to the Abrolhos Islands. This area is an Eco wonderland, so if the fishing seems hard work at the time, take a dip, have a snorkel or simply lie on the deck and soak in the sun as we take care of everything else!