Corporate & Social Charters

Does Top Gun Charters supply alcohol?

No. All alcoholic and soft drinks are BYO. Our crew does not serve alcohol either. If you want service staff you will need to hire them from elsewhere and they will need to be trained in the responsible service of alcohol. We can recommend several suppliers who will deliver drinks to the boat nice and cold ready for departure.

Can we bring our own catering?

Yes. You can BYO Food or catering company. If we can't help you or you have a preferred supplier, feel free to bring them along. We can also recommend preferred Top Gun Charters suppliers who know our vessel and facilities and always do a great job. It is important to remember catering staff are counted as passengers for survey requirements.

Does Top Gun Charters cater?

Yes. We have a selection of excellent menus which use fresh local produce and are prepared fresh. Our professional crew is used to doing the cooking and never disappoint. We have menus to suit all budgets and tastes and can cater to your specific needs.

Where does Top Gun pick up from?

Mainly East St Jetty, Fremantle. We also use the Sardine Jetty in Fishing Boat Harbour, Jo Jo's, Mosman Jetty, Mends Street and Barrack St. Some of the jetty's up river from Fremantle incur a surcharge.

How much will it cost?

Our prices depend on the size of your group, destination, and duration and pick up point. We quote each charter individually as everyone has their own needs.

Live Aboard Charters

Can I bring my own fishing Gear?

By all means. We supply you with everything you will need, but is about the experience and we know many of you have your own favourite rod. Bring it along. Please do not bring your own tackle shop as we only have so much rod storage. You will need your own lures and skirts for trolling.

How much luggage should I bring?

Travel as light as possible. One bag per person is preferred to minimize clutter on board the boat. Generally a few sets of fishing clothes and some clean clothes to get into after the days activities is enough. Some customers bring a set to head into one of the local pubs or restaurants at the beginning and end of their trip. Remember Airlines charge excess luggage and you will need to take fish home with you!!

How do I get my fish home?

We pack it frozen in foam Eskies with no ice. The airlines will all carry fish packed properly without ice. If you have too much luggage you can road freight it by freezer truck at your expense to your home town.

How do I get to the town of departure?

It is up to you to get to and from your departure point. You can fly or drive to any of the locations and public transport also services the areas. Geraldton and Carnarvon are serviced by Skywest and Dampier is serviced by Qantas, Virgin and Skywest.

How much is a live aboard charter?

It depends on the destination you choose and any special offers we may be running at the time. Usually prices are set before the start of the next North West Season to allow you to budget for your upcoming trip.